Cunningham Detective Agency

CDA Security Services

CDA Security Services provides armed /unarmed security personnel in business and Uniformed attire for situations that call for a Security presence. As a locally owned and operated company, our clients have direct contact with the ownership. We are available to work one on one with our clients to establish a reliable and effective security program. This personalized service gives our clients an added dimension of flexible service that the large national companies can’t match. We believe in providing professional and quality security services at a reasonable cost and will make every effort to insure complete customer satisfaction. Whether you need temporary, overnight, or a long term, primary security provider we are here to serve you.

CDA provides protective/security services for the following:

On-Site Security Officers
A professional Security Officer patrolling your site promotes safety and deters the criminal element.We focus on how to best provide service to our clients and their guests, while still helping to maintain a safe and orderly environment. At the same time our officers provide an easily accessible resource for guest assistance and information. Our Security Officers are professional in appearance, highly visible, and command respect. The manner in which our Officers present themselves promotes the professionalism and training they have attained, as well as demonstrates your commitment to the safety and security of life and property.A well managed presence, combined with diversified patrols promotes a strong deterrent value. Our presence will increase guest confidence, making their visit to your property more enjoyable.
Residential/ Apartment Communities
We can provide either on-site or mobile security officers to patrol your community. An on-site officer will remain at the community for a specified period of time, whereas a mobile officer will respond to the community at random intervals and patrol the area for a designated period of time. Our officers are able to enforce a variety of security related rules and regulations; such as solicitation, loitering, disturbances, trespassing, and response to calls for service. Our objective is to serve clients who value security services and are realistic in the financial application of resources in order to achieve specific safety and security goals on their property.
Construction Site Security
Construction theft costs the industry millions of dollars every year.Theft and vandalism in buildings and construction sites is a growing problem today. With large black markets out there, anyone can sell stolen merchandise such as heavy equipment, job boxes, copper wire, trailers, and building materials quickly and easily. A Security Officer patrolling your construction site promotes safety and deters the criminal element.
Educational Facilities
Educational institutions host a broad range of faculty, staff, students, as well as the general public. A professional level of security planning and crime prevention is a necessity. We can perform the day-to-day security operations; such as campus security and facilities protection, parking security, event security, student safety and security education and awareness, theft prevention and investigation, student escorts and personal protection. 

We provide an integrated approach to safety and security thatprovides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet their diverse and specific needs.

Alarm Response
Are you and your employees tired of getting up in the middle of the night to respond to burglar alarms?Don't risk responding to a burglar alarm by yourself. How long have you waited for the police to arrive? Have you been fined for false alarms? Lower Your Risk and Liability. Our armed, uniformed Patrol Officers can respond for you. No more waiting for the police and you'll never pay another false alarm fine again.
Custom Services
Plain Clothed or Uniformed, Armed or Unarmed, the choice is yours.Escorts for VIPs, Celebrities, and Dignitaries, Escort of Hi-Value Commodities, Corporate Board and Shareholder Meetings, Armed Perimeter Patrol, Emergency Overnight Services, Art Galleries and Auctions, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows and Premieres, Grand Opening Galas, Weddings, Fund Raisers.
Mobile Patrols
Mobile patrol officers can respond to your security needs 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.Our mobile patrol vehicles are fully marked and our officers are in full uniform to ensure a professional security presence. Our officers can provide security inspections of your property on a regular basis. You can have peace of mind knowing your business has been properly secured.This service can be custom tailored to meet each clients individual needs.
Vacation Checks
On Vacation or Away from Home? Our uniformed officers can make periodic checks of your residence and provide a real deterrent to vandalism and property damage. At your request, we can also pick up your paper and mail, and store it at a predetermined location.
Employee Escorts
Our Security Officers can provide a safe exit for your employees.When closing for the evening, our Security Officers can stand by while night deposits are made and ensure employees safely reach their vehicles.